Who Are We?

Who are we?

 Our Club membership is from the Central Savannah River Area. We are committed to the CSRA working to further improve Augusta soccer, Columbia County soccer, Aiken soccer, North Augusta soccer and other surrounding areas. We are affiliated with the Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club, which has gained national and international recognition through their programs and accomplishments.  The Bulls Soccer Club is governed by a Board of Directors made up of our coaching staff, parents, soccer-minded individuals, and community leaders.  From this Board, the Club has an elected Executive Committee that handles the administrative duties of the club.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we accept donations and have sponsors to help serve our membership and community.

What are our goals?

Our starting point is to begin with the individual player.  From this reference point, we are committed to educating and developing every player through our coaching staff and Club organization. As a Club that focuses on “select or classic soccer”, we can instruct, train, educate, and expose every player that is ready to move on to a more competitive level of play from the traditional recreational experience. Our programs are designed to assist every player to develop to their highest potential through soccer and as a person.


What do we offer?

 Training is the cornerstone to every player’s development

1) Technique training through fast foot work, ball-striking, and other skill-building sessions

2) Goalkeeper training for every age group

3) Access to training with other age groups with staff permission

4) Multi-coaching assessments and instructions

5) Access to individual private coaching sessions

6) Summer and winter programs, select tournaments and camps

7) 16 Coaches with a National License or higher