Bulls Soccer Club Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Scholarship levels vary according to need, family income, number of family members, and player’s age. The scholarship review committee will recommend the scholarship level and the Fund Board will have final approval.

We try to offer at least some assistance to everyone who has need, but budget limits may not allow us to give everyone the level of aid they feel they need. If you need more help meeting soccer expenses, please contact the Charitable Fund Administrator. Sometimes donations that come in during the soccer year may allow us to give extra awards. 

If children in your family get school lunch program assistance, you will definitely get some scholarship aid. If you children are not eligible for free or reduced lunch, you might still be eligible for a scholarship. If you feel that you need a scholarship to meet your soccer expenses, you should submit an application.  We will consider special circumstances, such as large medical expenses not covered by insurance, loss of income due to illness or unemployment, etc. Be sure to attach an explanation if you have circumstances like these that we should know about. If you receive a scholarship, it will be used to pay player fees. You are responsible for covering the balance of player fees (if the scholarship is not at the 100% level) and other expenses, such as travel and uniform costs, that the scholarship does not cover.


Your application will only be shared with the scholarship review committee, the Charitable Fund Board, and the Bulls Soccer Club administrator. We make every effort to protect your privacy and to keep your financial information strictly confidential. Scholarships will not be awarded without the required supporting documentation.



Every team is encouraged to participate in fundraising by the Bulls Soccer Club Charitable Fund, such as through volunteering for the concession stand and attending Fun Nights and other activities. ALL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT PLAYERS AND FAMILIES will be required to pledge a specified number of volunteer hours for The Bulls Soccer Charitable Fund activities. In some cases, other community volunteer work may be substituted for Charitable Fund volunteer

Scholarship Application